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Illus : Inde

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  • BOYER FAMILY said:

    J’adore CLAUS GARDEN !!!! (encore plus que les autres, je voulais dire…) MOM

  • Drawing from India (again) – AlmostDyingCat said:

    […] my way throught asia. The first batch of drawings I’ve made in India is to be seen here ! More to come soon ! Take care […]

  • Victoria said:

    These are great! I love your shoe with everyone else’s sandals :) Really enjoying your art. Found you through Skottie Young’s site. Was in So. India early 2009. You’re capturing it beautifully.

  • Stephen V said:

    Wha cool !
    Je découvre seulement… C’est vraiment cool, avec les photos c’est bien complémentaire !
    Continuez de vous amuser bien !

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